About Overwatch

Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on a near-future earth. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

In Overwatch, bold characters with extraordinary abilities fight across fantastic yet familiar battlegrounds. Teleport past rockets while an ally dives behind a double-decker hoverbus on the cobblestone streets of London. Shield your team from a shadowy archer’s ambush, then hunt him through a bazaar beneath a high-tech Egyptian pyramid.

Overwatch features 23 unique heroes, each bringing their own incredible powers and game-changing ultimate abilities into battle.

The heroes of Overwatch are many, powerful, and distinct—but their potential is amplified when they assemble into a formidable team. Your options for achieving victory are endless when you and your allies can defy gravity, transform into rapid-firing turrets, or conjure billboard-sized energy shields.

In Overwatch, teams will compete in 6v6 objective-based maps set across the world.


  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Typical game length: 10-20mins
  • Players: 6v6
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Price: Around $60 (optional in-game microtransactions)
  • Notable tournaments: Overwatch World Cup, IEM Gyeonggi, Overwatch League
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Website: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/
  • Popularity: 20m players (as of November 2016)[1]
  • Released: May 2016
  • ESRB rating: Teen
  • Other ESRB info: Blood, Violence, Use of Tobacco, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Tournament Information

Overwatch tournaments are typically run in a round robin group with top teams advancing to the playoff stage. Some tournaments utilize the dual tournament format during group stage instead.

Dual tournament format: 4 teams in a group are split into two pairs and play against each other. The winners of both those matches will play against each other in the winner’s match while the losers of the initial match play against each other in the loser’s match. The losing team of the losers match will place fourth and is eliminated. Meanwhile, the winner’s match victor will place first and advance to the next stage, the loser of the winner’s match and the winner of the loser’s match will play against each other with the victor of this fifth match placing second and also advances to the next stage. The loser places third and is eliminated.

Group stage matches are usually conducted in a best of 3 or best of 5. Playoff matches are usually done in a best of 5. Prior to each game, teams will have an opportunity to ban out maps until only one map remains for the match. The team that gets to ban first is randomly determined. In addition, that team gets to select if they want to attack or defend first. In the second game, the second team will receive the first map ban and the ability to choose offence or defence. If the match goes to game three, the team that gets to ban first is randomly determined but the other team will choose to start on defence or offence.


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