Clash Royale

About Clash Royale

Supercell’s Clash Royale contains elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arenas for both iOS and Android devices. The objective of the game is for players to destroy more towers than their opponent or by destroying their opponent’s “King’s Tower” granting them a triple crown victory. Players accumulate resources in the form of elixirs which allows them play cards from a deck of 8 cards. These cards represent different creatures or spells largely inspired by Clash of Clans. As players advance in levels, they can unlock newer and more powerful cards.


  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Typical game length: 2-5 minutes
  • Players: 1v1
  • Genre: Deck building and real time mobile strategy
  • Price: Free (optional in-game micro-transactions)
  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Notable tournaments: Clash Royale North American Open
  • Website:
  • Popularity: 50m players
  • Released: March 2016

Tournament Information

Supercell recently added a new tournament feature that is unlocked at level 8. Tournaments can only be made by using gems in game but it allows anyone to join. Chests are awarded to players based on their tournament performance. However, tournaments can be created outside of the feature by utilizing the “challenge friendly player” option. It requires everyone to be in the same clan but there are limitations as only a maximum of 50 players can be in a clan at anytime.

Common tournament formats include Double Elimination and Swiss.